An April evening in Portsmouth

North Church Portsmouth

Hello, Portsmouth.

I visited the old port city on Thursday evening. Settled in 1630, incorporated in 1653, capital of the colony in 1679 and refuge for exiles for Puritan Massachusetts.

Portsmouth flower box

Buddha in the window and flower box of spring.

Market Street Portsmouth

Market Street.

Commercial Alley Portsmouth

Commercial Alley and t-shirts. “Cool story, bro.”

“When nothing goes right, go left.”

Live free or die sign

Signs: “Live free or die.”

“You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.”

moffatt ladd

Moffatt-Ladd House, 1763.

Home during the American Revolution of General William Whipple, one of New Hampshire’s three signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Ayla Brown

Ayla Brown sings the national anthem at her father’s campaign kick off event at the Portsmouth Sheraton.


Outside the Sheraton, some people tell Scott Brown where to go.


On the left side.

cold dead hands

On the cold dead hands side.

Scott Brown

Inside, Scott Brown announces run for U.S. Senate.

Introduced by former N.H. governor John H. Sununu as “the once and future senator.”

North Church Portsmouth

Post-event, a walk in twilight and a waxing moon.

North Church draws the eye upward…

south wind north church

… to see that the wind is from the south.

I saw a fox today


Red fox, Hampton Marsh.

It ran past me and I said “Wow!” Then it turned and ran back towards me.


It stopped just at a spot I could get a decent pic with my camera.

I was walking my dog… who was up ahead of me sniffing around at something else and somehow missed the whole thing.

Move-in day

bluebird nestbox

New neighbors. View from our kitchen window.

It appears that two of the five or six bluebirds visiting our feeders regularly this winter have made a commitment to the new house… and each other.

The male Eastern Bluebird displays at his nest cavity to attract a female. He brings nest material to the hole, goes in and out, and waves his wings while perched above it. That is pretty much his contribution to nest building; only the female Eastern Bluebird builds the nest and incubates the eggs.

We put up the Gilbertson PVC bluebird nest box in late February.


witch hazel flowers

Witch hazel, the only flowers around here right now.

We are in the purgatory of mud season, New England’s fifth season.


Witch hazel is also known as “winter bloom.”

A cold, dry, disturbing wind is roaring and gusting. Earth is a patchwork of hard gray snow, hard brown dirt, dead brown grass. Plastic bags fly and are caught in the claws of leafless tree branches.

I drove two and a half miles to the place I know has a witch hazel tree. The flowers are tiny yellow fireworks, pop! bang!

Ready for warmth


Henfruit for breakfast. Thank you, ladies.

They say it’s spring.

But it was 15 degrees at 7:30 a.m. That just seems too cold for March 25.

I remember two years ago we had a couple of 80 degree days Mar. 21-22 and everyone went to the beach. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

I wish I were at the beach… in Belize.

caye caulker

I am finally going through the pics from our trip, March 6 through 13, to make a printed photo book using MyPublisher. I will make a Flickr album too. And write some reviews on TripAdvisor.

I did keep track of the birds while we were there, and posted pics to a Flickr albums Birds of Caye Caulker. I was diligent about entering my sightings on eBird as well. So far my “Central America Life List” is all Caye Caulker birds.

It was a fun way to focus our curiosity and explorations of the island.