It’s my birthday today.

No time for blogging – the weather has been too damn fine. We were at Plum Island in hot, bright sunshine and dry cool air, then we stopped in Newburyport for a couple of margaritas and more walking.

In the above photo, I am 8 months old. I have a head like a melon and I’m playing with a gourd. I am probably in Surf City, on Topsail Island in North Carolina, the first place I lived, or else visiting one or the other set of doting grandparents.

Now we are off to see John Carter of Mars.

3 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Thanks, Lorianne! Yes, wonderful weather. I can remember birthdays in nor’easters, two-feet of snow, sleet and freezing rain etc, but very few with temps in the mid-60s and sunshine.

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