See ’em swim


This big boy is 11 and a half pounds and he lives (for now) in the tanks at Brown’s Lobster Pound in Seabrook.

I’m working on a story about great lobster eateries in the Seacoast. Tough work. I may have some permanent butter stains on my favorite polo shirt.

Headed north to Petey’s and Ray’s this afternoon. (Hmm… Al’s, Brown’s, Markey’s, Sanders’, Lupo’s, Little Jack’s, Eastman’s, Newick’s, BG’s… the eponymous seafood shacks of the Seacoast!)

At Brown’s I spoke with a braw 31-year-old lobsterman whose family has been fishing the coast of New Hampshire since 1650.

Flower power


The heat broke late this morning and out came a perfect jewel of a summer day.

I’m on the back deck now, in a beach chair with an umbrella attached to the back rim, opened to shade the laptop screen. The air is like cool green grass, like a glass of lemonade, like a breeze-bellied sail.

The humidity is gone. I’m just a cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts hanging out to dry.

We gals went to Portsmouth today, to that groovy shoe store Footnotes on Market St., then around the corner and down the alley to River Run Books.

Bought Anna some hippy dippy Birkenstocks. After a week of walking around the UNH campus in crappy old flip flops, carrying a guitar slung over one shoulder, she was having back issues.

She’ll be back for the final week of SYMS, Summer Youth Music School tomorrow morning. The next (red-headed, milky-white) Sarah Vaughan, she’ll sing Black Coffee in the variety show, and perform with the honors jazz choir.

Peggy Lee sings Black Coffee too.


Whut up with the weather?

Storm causes power outages

CONCORD, N.H. –Severe thunderstorms moving across New Hampshire today caused a number of power outages.

It was so baking hot I felt sick yesterday late afternoon, to the point I had to stand in a cold shower.

My husband and I had the usual debate about AC, which will continue into the hereafter, when we are just ghosts sitting in plastic lawnchairs on a puffy cloud, sipping beer and bickering.

He spent the afternoon weeding the sunny garden, cutting down cattails, breaking up a beaver dam. Obviously some people have better heat tolerance.

When the storm came our lights flickered but we didn’t lose power altogether. A few small branches down.

Not so lucky in Portsmouth. Dramatic headlines this morning:

North Church steeple scaffolding topples

Lightning strike sparks Strawbery Banke blaze

Hot again today, high 91, wicked humid, with chance of t-storms after 2 p.m.

Beaching it


A day at the beach

Bathing suit and beach towel are enough for some. Others bring everything but the kitchen sink.

Whether you are a beach minimalist or a quartermaster commanding a supply unit for a minor invasion of the sands, a little preparation can go a long way toward achieving the nirvana of a perfect day at the beach.

Possible stolen lobsters?


My favorite from the Hampton Falls police report in today’s Hampton Union:

July 19: A 6:08 p.m., a Towle Farm Road resident reported trespassing in the woods and possible stolen lobsters.

Thistle while you work


Thistledown, Appledore Island

Working on the Sunday story about Celia’s garden(ers). I woke up at first birdsong this morning: 4:39 a.m. Better plan on a siesta.

Last night I met a friend for margaritas at the new Margaritas in Exeter. That place is all the rage.

Occasional wafting sweet odor of burning sugar we decided must be carmelizing onions on the sizzling fajita plates passing by on shoulders of waitresses.

We had Nachos Cowabunga with our margaritas and solved all our problems.