NH: the 50th most extraverted state!


Shh, Robert Frost is thinking

Welcome to New Hampshire.  Now please leave us alone.

We're not trying to be disagreeable.  We're just reserved.  Nevertheless, we're pretty open to new ideas and we're one of the least neurotic states in the Northeast.  But please do not depend on us for anything.

Fascinating and fun article in the WSJ today looking at personality traits by state: The United States of Mind. 

Turns out NH is the 50th most extraverted state.  Which I guess means we're seriously introverted

Individuals who are quiet, reserved, thoughtful, and self-reliant are often referred to as "introverts." They are likely to prefer solitary work and leisure activities. In comparison with extroverts, who draw most of their energy from social interaction and respond to external stimuli immediately and directly, introverts tend to mull things over before formulating a reaction, and their energy is regenerated by time spent alone.  

We also rank:
• 30th in agreeableness
• 44th in conscientiousness
• 14th in openness
• 14th in neuroticism

Visiting or relocating to New Hampshire?  Then I recommend this classic from The Atlantic:

Caring for your introvert: the habits and needs of a little understood group