Lobsters, pot roast and Indian spices


Gift shop at Ray's Seafood Restaurant, Rye Beach (closed for the season)

Behold the noble and savory lobster, icon of the New England seacoast, and his charming friend the seahorse, bright in the February sunshine.

It's 33 degrees today and wicked windy. We drove the coast back from the gym. I was dazzled by the sunshine off the water. Must remember to purchase a new pair of sunglasses since my old ones broke.

Archetype: lobsterman in sou'wester

John is making a pot roast today, even though it's just the two of us. He bought it a couple of days ago. Gotta use it up. He was explaining what makes a good pot roast and I wasn't really listening until he said "connective tissue."

"Connective tissue? Please don't use those words about something we're having for dinner."

We got the call this morning from the phone chain that the kids have landed in Italy and all is well. We're hoping for lots of pictures and stories.

It's cold outside but we've been traveling to warm places cinematically.

Last night we watched a Netflix direct-to-tv movie Before the Rains. The cover shot turned out to be a bit misleading in terms of the ratio of tropical sexiness to tragedy.

"Sorry," said John, who picked it out. "I didn't think this movie would be so sad."

"That's okay. I'm still enjoying it, I think mostly because of the cinematography, and the setting. I didn't know there were mountains like that in southern India."

The actor who plays T.K. was especially good.

We also recently watched and enjoyed a much more upbeat Indian flick, Monsoon Wedding. Lots of fun, sometimes funny and incredibly sweet. Highly recommended.