Here be dragon

Dragon wind is from the east in this Newburyport shop window

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant across the street today. I wanted this weather vane, but only as a photo. So I took it.

You need a certain sort of house for your copper dragon weather vane – perhaps a small stone castle perched on a promontory, with bright pennants slapping in the sea breeze. 

Vernal equinox was at 7:44 a.m. today. Did you rise in time, and balance your breakfast eggs on end before scrambling them?

No school today – teacher workday and the end of trimester 2. We were tiptoeing around trying not to wake Laura and her teenage sleepover guests. Laura left explicit instructions – in black magic marker on a 3-by-5 card on the kitchen counter – that we parents should under no circumstances wake them from their all-important beauty sleep.

I think we have the most beautiful teenagers on earth.

Anna is home from St. Patrick's Day in Canada – from whence we were not sure she could get home because her passport had expired. She got into the country okay, but then it was pointed out to her by Canadian officials that her passport had expired about a month ago. Getting out again promised to be a challenge – at the U.S. embassy they told her it would take a couple of weeks to process her new passport.

But somehow this morning she managed to convince security and U.S. immigration officials at the airport in Toronto that she posed no threat – because all she had wanted to do was celebrate the saint's day at a pub with her boyfriend and she had just completely overlooked the expired passport thing.

It all started the day before St. Pat's when she found a cute green shirt at Marshall's. (This is what shopping leads to.) It brought out the red in her hair, the green in her eyes, and her Irish-American sense of spontaneous fun. She bought it. Then she needed somewhere to wear it. She had a few days off from work and as a daughter of an airline pilot she can fly standby for free.

Her boyfriend lives in Toronto, she misses him and Skypes him every night. She communicated her spontaneous fun idea and he (the good sport) was happy to play host to a whirlwind visit. Did I mention that the drinking age in Ontario is 19?

All's well that ends well. And we were 20 once too.

"Every time she goes somewhere and something goes wrong, she learns something new," I pointed out to John.

"That's one way to look at it," he said.

Dragons beget dragons, and phoenixes, phoenixes; and the offspring of mice will know how to chew holes. – Chinese proverb