Point Reyes

Shark area! Sneaker waves?

Sunday afternoon we had dejeuner sur les dunes at Point Reyes, with fancy expensive slices of gravlax, about a pound of fresh, perfectly steamed and dressed cold asparagus, chickpea salad, and a bag of salt and pepper potato chips, purchased in the little town of Point Reyes Station.


It was good to stretch our legs and blow out the cobwebs, although the wind was fierce.

Point Reyes is a cape north of San Francisco, and a National Seashore. A raw and beautiful place.


Lauren explores the edge of the Pacific, which was anything but pacific. Watch out for sneaker waves, sis.

Dune flowers

Wildflowers were in bloom everywhere, down low, roots gripping the sand.

Drakes Bay

"Drake? Sir Francis Drake? The Elizabethan privateer? Made it all the way over here to the Pacific? In that little wooden ship? No!"