Sail away, summer

Boats on the Merrimack River, with Newburyport beyond.

We’re sailing out of summer into fall. Brilliant days, cool nights, and a preseason Patriots win against the Giants last night.

We watched the game with an old friend of my husband’s and his wife. John flew fighters with the guy 25 years ago in the USMC. It was a congenial evening and we will surely meet again soon. There’s always the football excuse.

We are invited to a party at a lake today, and then another party locally tomorrow evening. Social whirl!

No school today or Monday. We survived the first three days, with only a small sleep deficit as we adjust schedules. This trimester for the junior is US History, Trigonometry, Oil Painting, Latin and Spanish.

The digital filmmaking student may be home this weekend, maybe with a bunch of film friends who will sleep in tents out by the pond, under the bright moon, by a campfire. Let there be guitars.

Come, cuddle your head on my shoulder, dear,
Your head like the goldenrod,
And we will go sailing away from here
To the beautiful land of Nod.
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox