Sugar sunlight

Red maple swamp this morning.

This photo makes me think of stained glass, sugar and pancakes for some reason.

It’s a beautiful sunny after rain October day. The golden hour, as seen above, looks like it may be a whole golden day.

This day in our separate ways: husband in Dallas for training, eldest daughter on an HGTV shoot in Concord, MA, youngest ditching the big city after class to head north to the Keene, NH pumpkinfest with friends, and I’m going on photo safari to a very CHARMing northshore town where I may be able to bag all my Halloween shots in one place.

2 mile church

Little River Church, two days ago

When I walk a mile from my house and back, this is my turn-around spot. Each two-mile walk is like a small pearl. String them together, day after day, and make a pretty necklace of done things.

Ocean vs. rock and cement

A way down.

iPhone photo from a morning walk at North Beach in Hampton a couple of days ago.

It was an unsettled east wind day, but not unpleasantly cold yet. This is the place along the coast where the ocean most wants to get through the seawall and across the low land to the marsh on the other side.

Ruby red and tangerine

Some trees of ours, yesterday afternoon.

What makes the leaves change color?

In fact, as the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer and colder, different constellations wheel above, the chipmunk stuffs its cheeks, geese ascend to point an arrowhead south, and the lawn grows thicker and greener for a time, a mysterious essence called bittersweet rises from the earth through the roots and trunks of trees and flows into the leaves, causing them to be more beautiful than ever just before they die.


October filter

iPhone photo with BeFunky Pro “viewfinder” filter

I think these are old apple trees. They were at the edge of a field that grew up into forest, part of a patchwork of well-explored conservation land one town over.