Wandering around taking pictures

Zeus at Seabrook Beach this morning.

Instagram photo on iPhone, with “Amaro” effect, posted to Facebook then scraped off to my desktop and inserted into this blog post.

I tried putting a drop shadow on it in picnik, but the saved picture had a slightly lower resolution that made a difference to my eye.

John at Seabrook Beach.

It was 58 degrees this morning, with warming rays of sun now and then, and a sea-green sea. Now it’s raining lightly and our stretch of Nicevember weather (after Snowtober) is over.

I’ve been learning to use Photosynth in iPhone for panoramic shots (so far, I stink at it), and I’ve been posting regular, non-pano pics to Flickr and geotagging and posting some in Panoramio for Google maps. Lately I’m into the idea of augmented reality maps and crowdsourced place pics.

Watch this: Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth.

“…immensely rich virtual models of every interesting part of the earth collected not just from overhead flights and satellite images but from the collective memory.”

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