Sunset over the Sunoco

Sunset over the Sunoco, Portsmouth, NH.

Late fall/ early winter skies are a consolation prize for losing the light early. I took this with my iPhone while pulling out of the parking lot where I go to the gym. Edited it, somewhat dramatically and without restraint or good taste, in Camera+.

Some links I have recently bookmarked as worthy of revisiting and sharing…

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WSJ: The Corporate Welfare State: A cause to unite the tea party and the Occupy Wall Street crowd

Peter Wehner: Barack Obama, Political Hack, and Daniel Henninger: Obama’s Godfather Speech

Yuval Levin: What is Constitutional Conservatism?

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Please Help the Ecopod Habitat Biotel by Marriott in Our Efforts to Conserve.

YouTube: Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.

WSJ: Tim Tebow: God’s Quarterback

Mr. Magundi On the ‘God of the Gaps’

American Digest: On Sunday Morning One Month After Death

Music: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: Home