I married the Mad Hatter

The other day…

Husband: Remember last year when the red maple swamp froze hard but it hadn’t really snowed yet and we could walk out there and find the beaver hutches and deer stands?

Wife: Yes.

H: It’s like that right now. I was out there today.

W: Nice! I think I’ll check it out.

H: Be careful of falling through the ice.

W: You just said it was frozen hard.

H: Beavers make underwater tunnels to their hutches. They have underwater paths under the ice. You know about the Venturi effect?

W: Yes?…

H: Where there is a narrowing of the stream the velocity of the flowing water increases. The friction increases too and the water gets warmer. The beavers do it on purpose.

W: Right. So is it frozen enough to walk on, or it isn’t?

H: Oh it’s frozen alright. The dog and I were just out there.

W: Okay, then I’ll check it out.

H: Just be careful you don’t fall through the ice.

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