Just north of North Hampton Beach

It was 50 degrees today. The snow was rained away last night.

How weird is this weather? Let us review, going back in time, via the magic of the blog…

1.30.11 Snow is so deep we had to plow a walkway out to the plowed and packed bonfire circle.

1.26.11 Seven a.m. Five degrees. Half-light dawn. Eerie crystalline fog. Snow banking the roads. A claustrophobia of whiteness.

1.24.11 Getting out of the house is one reason I’m doing this biennial testing job again. Morning One of actual test administration, today, it was -8˚ and, ironically, out of the house was the last place I wanted to be.

1.22.11 Bitter cold zeroing out to stunning, breath-taking cold tomorrow night. Snow is deep on the ground and plowed into mountains along the roads and in parking lots.

1.13.11 In the olden days, houses were built close to the road because there were no such things as snow blowers and trucks with plows.

1.12.11 Pushing 20 inches, says the yardstick in the snow-bedded lawn.

1.29.10 It’s a sweet little town in winter.

1.28.10  We eat and drink the snow. The cold in the air, we breathe it in and turn it warm.Winter is just another sort of dream.

1.26.10 Winter from a car window.

1.28.09 Any hopes for an end to this winter’s brutal weather will be buried under a foot of snow by tonight, forecasters say.

1.26.09 My roving correspondent reports that Cape Cod Bay, down south in Massachusetts, is frozen.

1.25.09 This group of friends played ice hockey on the pond without skates.

1.22.09 These aren’t even the best icicles I saw today. It was just in a place I could slow down and shoot out the window.

1.21.09 Did I mention the snow?

1.19.09 Silver dawn gave way to blue skies over a fresh 11 inches of bright new snow.  I borrowed my husband’s almost-knee-high boots to tramp around in it with the dog. The snow is very fresh, light and clean, well-fluffed with air. It’s 16 degrees.

1.14.09 A tractor was coming down the road and I thought, “Look, a color!”

1.11.09  Looks like about 7 inches of super-fluffy new snow, and still coming down. It’s 19 degrees. Snow should taper off by noon. Shoveling this stuff will almost be a pleasure, compared to our most recent storm of frozen slush.

1.8.09 Winter light. Beautiful after a storm.