Feathered friends

Crow in a birch tree, out the kitchen window this morning.

Bird a Day is great local blog ( available on Facebook too) for seeing what birds are around in the Seacoast region and beyond.

About: Bird of the Day is Phillip Augusta’s daily blog of a bird and a blurb, documenting some of my adventures photographing birds for the next Phillip’s Fetching Birds calendar. Most of the birds you’ll see here were photographed in Southern Maine or Seacoast New Hampshire, but not always. The center of my birding world is Seapoint, in Kittery Point, Maine.

Kittery is the first town in Maine, just across the Piscataqua River from Portsmouth, NH.

I’ve learned to ID and appreciate a lot of birds through this wonderfully focused birdy blog, such as: the smallest dabbling duck in North America, the Green-winged Teal; and Red-Necked Grebes at Odiorne Point.