Old and new at Hampton Beach

Old Seashell Stage: PHOTO

NEW Seashell Stage, Hampton Beach…

All set for the 2012 season

Info on the entire Hampton Beach redevelopment project is available HERE. The stage is just one part of it.

Grand opening and gala celebration to mark the completion of the $14.5 million redevelopment project will be held June 1 and 2.

The new Seashell facility has seating for 750, two ancillary stages as well as a main stage, state of the art sound and lighting, and a tensile canopy structure.

Seashell Stage seen from across the street

I took a walk on Saturday in the early afternoon. Hardly anyone was around. It was 42 degrees, windy, with tiny snowflakes now and then. Pretty bleak, except for some color and activity across the street…

Blink’s Fry Doh was open

They offer about 20 different toppings on their tasty fried dough, from your basic cinnamon and sugar to peanut butter and jelly, honey and walnuts, chocolate, or butter and garlic.

Blink’s has two locations on Ocean Boulevard. It has been a popular spot at Hampton Beach for about 35 years.

UPDATE APRIL 3: Hampton-North Hampton Patch: Bruce Springsteen Enlisted to Name Seashell After ‘Missing’ E St.

Beaches were a common inspiration for Bruce Springsteen’s music, and now some residents hope “The Boss” can lend his touch to help Hampton Beach regain the spirit of one its lost streets.

A petition has been started by a group of locals in an effort to name the new Seashell Stage as the “E Street Bandstand” in honor of the fact that the site sits across from where E Street stood before the multi-block Casino Ballroom building was erected over it more than a century ago.