Where is everybody?

It was 76 degrees today

If Seabrook Beach is the nicest sand beach on the Seacoast but nobody can get to it, is it still the nicest?

It’s flat, wide, clean, and backed by low grassy dunes now roped off to permit the uninterrupted nesting of piping plovers. Access is via sandy paths over the dunes. It stretches two miles from the Hampton Inlet south to the Massachusetts border, and it’s owned by the town of Seabrook rather than the state of New Hampshire.

Just north of the inlet is Hampton Beach, whose also-lovely sands are so populated on a nice summer day it can look like Coney Island. Seabrook Beach’s relative solitude is due to the fact that public parking is blocks away from the sand, over by the harbor, and the streets near the beach are marked (and enforced) Resident Parking Only.

Partake in the pleasures of this exclusive stretch of silicon dioxide by buying or renting a house nearby, or by taking a nice little walk (or run) over from the parking on Route 1A.


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