I was gone

Blue door in Santorini

The blue ocean beyond the blue door is a volcanic caldera. Some say it is the location of the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

I was on vacation, is where I was. It was quite wonderful. I’ve got photos on Facebook (on “public” setting) and I’ll probably make and link a Flickr or Smugmug album at some point.

Here are a few more photos from our family trip to the eastern Mediterranean, by sea.

Beach in Amalfi

“Summer vacation”… the two most beautiful words in any language? I close my eyes and I can still smell lemons and suntan lotion. We drank a lot of wine made close to the places we visited.

Push me, pull you boat in Malta

I have never seen a boat like this before.

In Malta, they speak a baffling language called Maltese (Malti) that is blended and descended from Italian, Arabic and English. One of many interesting things I never knew until late August, 2012.

The pic above is a view (and telephoto lens shot) down from Deck 7, stern of the ship, our stateroom veranda. No hotel room will ever compare.

A street in Mykonos

A strange and beautiful Greek island where the wind blows hard on a perfectly sunny day, tourists bathe in sunshine and the salty sea or shop for jewelry and ouzo, and traditional island life endures.

Also, the island was covered in small cats.

Seahorse fountain, Taormina, Sicily

A perfectly lovely town we visited before ascending to a winery on the slopes of Mt. Etna.

Our itinerary: Rome, Naples (Amalfi/ Pompeii), Sicily (Catania/ Taormina/ Mt. Etna), Malta, Athens, Mykonos, Turkey (Kusadasi/ Ancient Ephesus), Rhodes, Santorini, Crete (Chania), Venice.

Apollo ruled our voyage, and Poseidon was in a cheerful mood – it was hot and sunny every day except in Venice, and the seas were mainly calm.

Wings and stripes in St. Mark’s Square, Venice

A few more photos later today. I have an abundance of lingering happiness from this trip.

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