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Two more fair photos.

Thirty days hath September, so tomorrow is October already. It’s day three of gloomy rain. I can hear the chickens squawking about it from inside with the windows closed. Or maybe one of them is about to lay an egg. It seems to be an occasion for noise.

This morning I’m going to try to finish making hot sauce, with our own garden-grown jalapenos (and one ripe habanero), which may turn out to have been a dumb idea. I am using this site for guidance, which calls for broiling the jalapenos and removing their skin. I found it difficult to peel off the skin while wearing protective gloves, so I did it unprotected. I went to bed last night with my mitts on fire, and only halfway through the peeling.

John is on reserve this month and was called out to fly to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. He’ll be home in time for dinner, which may or may not feature some homemade hot sauce.

I went to the Portsmouth Farmers Market yesterday to stock up on some ground beef and chipotle-jalapeno sausage from my meat CSA with New Roots Farm. The texture and flavor of this local, pasture-raised beef and pork is truly superior to the majority of store-bought meat. And it’s definitely not just that I like the idea of eating/ supporting local food/ farms. I bet I could take a couple of mouthfuls blindfold and tell which was grown on grass ten miles away.

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