Mm, beer

Village Market in Hampton Falls is my kind of “convenience” store. They have an incredible selection of strange and wonderful beers. Must be seen to be believed!

After my walk out along the old railroad in the marsh the other day with my good old dog Zeus, I stopped and bought a few things for lunch, plus this beer to share with my husband at dinner…

Strange and wonderful, Ta Henket by Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales.

Go read how it’s made.

It tasted like it was made with ingredients with which I am unfamiliar, and indeed it is. I kind of liked it. I’m glad I tried it. I grabbed it off the shelf on a whim, probably because of the hieroglyphics, but I already know from experience that the people who work at Village Market know a lot about beer and can help you find something you’d like to try.

Village Market facebook page

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