Eating words

st thomas

Husband woke me up with a texted view from his layover hotel this morning. He’s in St. Thomas.

Phone call from him later in the morning. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Picking the dead leaves off the philodendron. You?”

“Just finished breakfast. I might go for a run on the beach. It’s 85 degrees.”

It was 12 degrees here this morning. Oh comfort me with food…

food writing

Today after chicken chores, dog walk, vacuuming and making a big pot o’ damn hot chili, I will do some reading for a class that starts this week, Food Writing, at Harvard Extension School. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hungry for it.

Also blogged today: Cold and ice make soup taste nice

Love this skit, from Portlandia…

2 thoughts on “Eating words

  1. I love Portlandia. I caught up on the latest season yesterday during a sewing marathon. Food writing? How very interesting. You are a natural.

  2. I’ve just watched part of Season 1, but also skipped around with Youtube videos – clever! I am looking forward to the Food Writing challenge!

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