Champagne and fried chicken before the blizzard


Winter nor’easter named Nemo is heading our way and could dump a lot of snow on us tomorrow and Saturday. The Weather Channel warns: Historic, Crippling Blizzard Ahead.

I don’t need a lot of groceries, but I will pick up some extra bales of straw at Agway this morning and berm them around part of the chicken run. Yesterday in chilly sunshine, John and I mucked all the old accumulating straw out of the run and dumped it on the big mulch pile out back. The new straw and access to the wormy dirt under the old straw was like Christmas for Chickens.

For dinner last night, we tried an interesting combination: fried chicken and champagne. It came about because John said, let’s use up the buttermilk, and he remembered a good fried chicken recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. I’ve been craving champagne since I noticed a few days ago that it is 15% off at NH Liquor Stores through most of February. Might these pair?

We chose a cava called Kila from Spain for two reasons: it received 88 of those wine rating points and it was crazy inexpensive at $9.99. Here is a review:

The aroma and flavors here are pleasantly toasty, with apple and citrus fruit plus citrus flowers blended in. This is a nice example of how drinkable a cava can be, and also pours as an imbibing parallel to the incredible potential of a cheap date. The best cheap dates cost little money, have both people getting along easily, simply because they do, with a pleasant effervescent spark of attraction and charm. And, they end with you wanting that second date too. Kila Cava offers precisely that–simple, easy, inexpensive, charm, with you willing to buy it again to have another bottle.

And it DID go well with John’s crispy delicious fried chicken!

Fried chicken and champagne? Why the hell not? Indeed.

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