Home is wherever (I’m with you)

cottages hampton nh

Home sweet home sweet home sweet etc. Looking down 1st Street, Hampton, near North Beach.

John had vacation this past week. We didn’t go anywhere because there’s no money for it. But we were very domestic and together-y. It was nice.

And I’m not just saying that to put a good face on it.

He goes back to work on Tuesday, commuting from Logan Airport Boston to fly the 767 and 757 out of Kennedy, NYC. More time away from home is built into the new base, and the new contract. But at least they have a contract now. And the merger has been announced and it is a hopeful thing… for travelers too.

The years since the 2003 pay cut (a giveback by pilots to help keep AA flying without a merger or bankruptcy, doh) and then the executive bonuses, no pilot contract, stagnation and bitter internal war since 2005 (then bankruptcy declared Nov. 2011 anyway, and still going), have been hard financially and emotionally on airline families like ours. But the pilots are on board with the merger, and are part owners (well, creditors) of the company now, and we have mostly made adjustments to “the new normal” (hateful term) in the industry and economy as a whole.

“But at least he has a job.” How low can your expectations go, fellow citizens. I’d like to give you a smack.

We are redefining the American (Airlines) dream. I could write a lot more about that, but I have to go feed the chickens, email my daughter in Boston and inbox my daughter in Berlin, read an essay for Food Writing class, and get ready to go to church in the snow.

(I got feedback on my first food writing assignment, a 1,000-word memoir piece, and it was deemed “terrific” with no revisions needed. Woot!)

How sweet is this.