Bluebird at our feeder a week or so ago.

I blogged every day in the month of March… about salad. Click here to read my “greens goddess” project blog: The Chloris Project.

I am still eating a salad every day. Now I’m in the habit. Turns out I love olive oil, vinegar and salt on my crunchy and tender many-colored vegetables.

It occurs to me that “project blogging” is a good way for certain kinds of people to set goals, establish habits, make discoveries, teach themselves things they want to know. And share as they go along. (I had good response from linking posts through Facebook.) John and I have talked about a project blog focused on the planting, care, harvest and use of our garden this year.

He has off from work and has spent a few days prepping the garden, even laying out paths with freshly chipped wood chips from pruning around the edge of the field. Last night we reviewed garden successes and failures, likes and dislikes. I made a list of seeds then placed orders with Seed Savers Exchange, Johnny’s, and Burpee.

We will plant peas and spinach first – and “by the moon” this year – between April 10 and 15.