Hawk watch


I miss my hawk.

This little broad-winged hawk, perched here in the oak tree in our front yard, was a visitor for about three weeks from the end of July through the middle of August.

I would hear its call off and on all day (“a plaintive, high-pitched whistle”), and see it circling low above our house, lawn and woods. At first I worried it was after my free-ranging chickens, but broad-wings are very small and my chickens are pretty big and fat. It never bothered them and they got used to it.


Email last night from NH Audubon said that hawk-watching migration season begins September 1. Email from the NH Birds group with daily counts for raptors passing over Pack Monadnock a couple of days ago included 2 osprey, 2 bald eagles, 2 sharp-shinned hawks, a red-tailed hawk, a kestrel, and 5 broad-winged hawks. Was my hawk one of them?

Probably not because why would it go west to go south. Still, I plan to visit a hawk watch site like MonadnockĀ sometime in September on a busy migration day to see what I can see.