Fine feathered friends

downy woodpecker

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

A female downy woodpecker trying to get some food out of this frozen brick of suet.

Temps still well below freezing but the sun was nice today. The chickens even deigned to leave their straw-stuffed coop and “free range” a bit, including some unintentional ice skating on driveway and walkway ice patches.

I worry about the chickens in the cold, but I shouldn’t worry too much according to the veteran New England chicken keeper at Henblog: Chickens in Extreme Cold.

Hens have about 10,000 feathers. They fluff them up and trap warm air next to their bodies.

sea fever

Looking at the Sea Fever on her mooring. “How do fishermen go out in weather like this? It’s. so. cold!”

“For one thing, they don’t wear clothes like we’re wearing now.”

Yes, a sweatshirt and puffy vest on top and sweatpants below were inadequate in the full blast of the northwest wind when I jumped out of the car at Seabrook Harbor, camera clutched in bare hands, to see if I could spot any interesting birds. John and I took a ride down the coast after our gym workout.

I saw a couple of mergansers diving for fish, but the photo didn’t come out.

Here’s a neat video: a convocation of bald eagles “cleaning” fishing nets in Dutch Harbor Alaska: LINK