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beaujolais nouveau

A pleasant wine, redolent of red fruit and berry – and so silky smooth¬†you can’t believe it’s alcoholic. Light-bodied, tannin-free, goes down like Kool-Aid on a hot summer day.


Home in New Hampshire today after Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania.

Nine-and-a-half-hour drive down on Tuesday night, with horrible tractor-trailer accident-in-progress narrowly avoided at 1 a.m. on PA Turnpike just before Blue Route. Only 6 and half hours back yesterday, but the hangover was probably equivalent to an extra two hours in the car. Tastykakes didn’t really help.


Whimsical Thanksgiving decorations by artistic sisters.

The family was in good form, everyone being themselves and doing what they do. For example, I always peel potatoes (only 20 lbs this year). My sister Lauren (foreground) helped and we talked about birds.

peeling potatoes

(That’s a pumpkin pie hat on the table next to me.)

Hot water heater quit just after dinner for 36 in heated tent in backyard, so cleanup was postponed until midday Friday when new heater could be delivered.

I have been keeping up with the backyard bird blog a little better than this one, including the first snowy owl sighting of the winter – even if that isn’t exactly in my backyard. There are a few new newspaper stories on my clips blog. I might do a local story on Seacoast snowy owls.

And, having finally passed my CDL after much more training and practice than I had anticipated, I have been driving a big yellow school bus on a scenic, semi-rural route in nearby Hampton Falls for kindergarten through 8th grade kids.

Conversation overheard on bus the other day: “Did your dad get a deer yet?” “No, did yours?” “Not yet.”