Words in wood


If you say so.


I found driftwood log, inscribed (possibly with a Dremel woodburning tool), on a rocky beach walk just south of Odiorne Point, in Rye, late morning.

driftwood log

Big log, must have washed up in a big storm.


Some graffiti is more beautiful than others.

angry rocks

Nearby rocks are ugly and angry. Stupid, bad children. Go to your rooms.


After lifting weights at the gym, I had a swift walk with my point-and-shoot birding camera just around the point of Odiorne Point. If you park in the pullout south of Odiorne, and cut through along the shoreline, you don’t have to pay.

Resolved: more walks with cameras this summer. And amykane.net blogging resumed. (I have kept up with my bird blog for over a year now: amybirds.com.


Low tide and children, just south of Odiorne. And crabs, urchins, snails, seaweed.

This is possibly the premier tidepooling location in New Hampshire.


Cormorants and tidepool explorers.

I was here between thunderstorms. Cloudy, warm-cool and humid day. We got a good sky-washing later.

rock kids

Near the driftwood, a small forest of stacked rocks. Also worth exploring. Admission is free.


Sea-weathered and washed up rope looks a bit like a starfish.

nova lobster

Artifacts arrive with the seaweed and linger on the higher part of the beach.

rock art

Rock art. These are the materials we have to work with in New Hampshire.


driftwood kindness

A final message from the wood.