Just a day

rosa rugosa

The Seacoast’s prettiest weed, the beach rose Rosa rugosa.

Photo taken during a morning walk past Rye Harbor and the surrounding marshes yesterday morning.

Yesterday I also cleaned the chicken coop, weeded and mulched in the backyard, then helped my youngest daughter in her (tedious) chore of painting deck railings while newly fledged downy woodpeckers fluttered around us, banging into things and being stupidly fearless and charmingly dopey.

Our lazy dinner was from Las Olas Taqueria in Hampton, then I drove her to the Newburyport train to Boston. The sunset and lingering evening light made a pretty sky show.

Eldest daughter spent much of the day at her tutoring job and in a Calculus class. She loves Math, how weird. Husband was on a trip, with layovers in Fort Myers and Washington D.C. He texted me a photo of the view from the cockpit…

d.c. view