What do they want from me?

Animals that got up in my face today…


White Ibis


Common Gallinule


Yellow-bellied slider? This turtle came out of the freshwater pond at Indian Riverside Park and started turtle-walking toward me. Weird. Okay, I’ll take your picture.


Gopher tortoise. Actually I was in his face just a little, to get a photo. He was nibbling grass, minding his own business, on the one-mile loop trail at Kiplinger Nature Preserve.

Click to enlarge the Snowy Egrets and Roseate Spoonbills at Kiplinger…



I bird blogged some Red-breasted Mergansers today but I will probably bird blog the spoonbills tomorrow.


All of nature talks to me, if I could just figure out
what it was trying to tell me… Listen!
– Laurie Anderson, from “Sharkey’s Day” on that cool old album I used to love, Mister Heartbreak

Time to listen again.