Sunrise and star cookies

dsc_0457 (1)

Sun topping the clouds, looking east over the Atlantic Ocean from Tiger Shores Beach on Hutchinson Island, in Stuart, Florida. I woke up and took coffee, camera and dog there first thing yesterday morning.

Three-point-two miles from home, six minutes by car.


Broken sand dollars are all over this beach, and sometimes whole ones… quickly claimed by beachcombers.

Sand dollars are sea urchins and related to sea stars/ starfish. It’s their skeletons, calcium carbonate tests, that we covet for the round cookie or coin shape with five-fold radially symmetric pattern that looks like a flower or a star.


The clouds hiding the actual horizon sunrise were probably over the Gulf Stream, which is about 10 miles offshore here. East winds over that warm, fast current help moderate the Florida climate.

Breezy south winds today, with temps climbing to an atypical-for-winter 87 degrees. Then we’ll get a cold front and daytime temps will be in the mid-70s through the weekend, with north winds.


Here’s my dog, Radar the 3-year-old German Shepherd, loping straight toward me with his typical semi-maniacal look.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. – Henry David Thoreau


It’s rarely busy at Tiger Shores Beach, especially on weekdays in any season, and there are no lifeguards. Couple of fisherman and a few people early-morning walking.

Amenities include a sandy parking area, one trash can, a sturdy boardwalk through vegetation over dunes, a shower and foot washing station where the dog first learned to drink from a spraying spigot.